At Lily Hair Express, we are professionals and we go above and beyond just styling your hair. We strive to ensure that your hair is well taking care of and to ensure that you have a great hair condition.

We offer several selections of hair care services, including but not limited to braiding, scalp and hair assessments to help address any damage or pre-existing conditions in your hair and to help bring your hair overall conditional standard condition.

Meet Liliane Manegha

Founder/CEO Lily Hair Express, LLC.

Liliane is a professional in the beauty industry which has always been her passion since her very young age .
Liliane migrated to USA in year 2016  and started working with her sister in her hair salon, while also actively involved with her immediate family at the time with some financial instability, she was very upright and remained focus on her career after which she took the bold step to turn her financial situation around for the better.
She went on to activate and utilize her God given talent to make her life and that of her family better, she started doing hair for people in her apartment, and she began to grow her client base after which she went a step further by establishing her own salon, her salon was established in year 2020.
Liliane didn’t stop there, she went further to study cosmology in school to help her get better in her career and to be more professional, she graduated from her cosmology course in April 2022.
Liliane vision in the beauty industry is to always put smile on people’s faces, make people feel confident and always look beautiful.

Lily Hair Express
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